11 Reasons You Should Choose Sustainable Hair Products

What is Sustainable Hair Care?

In the UK we only recycle about half of our bathroom waste which means a huge amount of packaging such as shampoo bottles and styling products are headed straight to landfill. 

The beauty industry has taken the bull by its horns and sustainable hair care brands have tried to combat this by cutting their environmental impact of both product and packaging before it even reaches your bathroom. 

Even better? They’ve done this without compromising on great quality hair care products. 

Benefits of Sustainable Hair Products

There are a huge amount of benefits that come with making the switch to eco friendly hair products. We’ve whittled it down to our top reasons why you should choose a sustainable hair care regimen.

Here are 11 reasons why you need to go natural with your hair products:

1. Less Plastic 

We’ve all watched the David Attenborough Our Planet documentary by now haven’t we? If like most of us you’ve seen how important using less plastic and reducing our carbon footprint really is then sustainable hair products is one small easy way to make that change. By switching to products that are not only eco friendly and biodegradable, but when you can refill your bottles again at participating salons, it’s possible to make your hair routine totally plastic free and zero waste!

2. No Animal Testing

Cruelty Free beauty has been a cornerstone for the beauty industry. As of 2004, European cosmetic regulations prohibit testing of finished products on animals. 

However, even before that large numbers of beauty companies had sworn to have never used animal testing. These companies are also usually the pioneers behind eco friendly hair products and less plastic packaging. 

3. Renewable Energy Production

If you are thinking about sustainable products for your hair, it doesn’t just stop at packaging and animal testing. Hair care companies who are invested in promoting themselves as sustainable also make conscious efforts to increase their use of renewable energy to create their hair care products. 

Davines Hair Care is an eco friendly brand, and boasts an incredible carbon neutral site called The Davines Village. In their factories and offices, they use only electricity and thermal energy from renewable sources. These energy sources do not emit CO2, do not pollute, and are constantly renewed. Every product they formulate, design and produce is manufactured using clean energy.

4. Vegan Friendly

Many sustainable hair care companies are also vegan friendly and do not use animal products in the production process or within their hair care products. If you are wanting to increase your use of natural ingredients in your hair routine without using animal products then sustainable haircare is the way forward.

5. Fewer Chemicals

You’ve probably heard of, or are even following the bloggers’ favourite Curly Girl Method. This haircare sensation has shone light into all the harsh ingredients in standard hair care products such as silicons, sulphates and parabens, all of which are hugely detrimental to the environment.

6. Natural Ingredients

Sustainable shampoo and conditioners contain natural ingredients like proteins, vitamins, essential oils, and fruit extracts. These ingredients are friendly hair products and will be more gentle on your hair, skin and scalp. If you are allergic to some harsh chemicals, or are subject to skin irritation, sustainable and organic products are a great alternative that will be kinder to your skin. 

7. Happier Scalp

Ditching these traditional shampoo and conditioner hair products and opting for sustainable options will leave your scalp less irritated from the harsh ingredients and will also result in a happier planet by flushing less of these chemicals down the drain when conducting your hair washing routine. 

8. Affordable Products

You pay for quality, and environmentally friendly hair products are no different. However, overall, you will get better value through sustainable haircare brands. There are many affordable price ranges options for sustainable shampoo and conditioner ranges. Products such as shampoo bars, conditioner bars, and other hair styling and hair care ranges are widely available. There are lots of products in a varying price range but there will be a perfect eco friendly hair product perfect for you that (literally!) won’t cost the earth. 

9. More Sustainable

Most natural hair care products are created using ingredients sourced through ethical practices with fair trade as standard. A number of natural hair care brands also now give back to the environment or local communities from which ingredients are sourced. Davines is part of the 1% to the Planet initiative which sees organisations donate 1% of all their profits directly to a charity organisation to better the environment. 

10. Ditch The Mask

Traditional hair care products can often mask the root of the problem when it comes to your hair. Silicons can mask the hair making it appear silky and nourished but when it actually may need deeply moisturising. Natural haircare products do not contain these types of harsh chemicals and so provide the exact ingredients that will leave your hair feeling refreshed and cared for.

11. Your Health Is Your Wealth

Eco friendly hair products will make a big impact on your overall body health. Your skin absorbs an estimated 60 percent of what you put on to it. If you are using shampoo and conditioner with harsh chemicals on your hair, why not switch to more natural products and eliminate this risk of using chemicals that can be linked to health problems. 

What about the benefits for your hair?

By using natural hair products, most people find benefits such as increased volume, faster-growing hair, reduced dandruff, hair is shinier and frizz is visibly reduced. Those who have curly hair tend to find that their curls are more defined, moisturised and have better control. 

Traditional hair products that contain irritating ingredients can damage your hair over time. Shampoos can often strip your hair of moisture leaving it more fragile and prone to breakage. Conditioners can contain petrochemicals making your hair seem super shiny and soft but they will just deceive you from the moisture stripping properties from your shampoo. 

However, with sustainable ranges the opposite effect happens. The natural nutrients needed for long luscious locks are found in more natural products. You can get healthy and strong hair without the need for harsh chemicals on your hair or the environment. 

What are the best brands of natural hair care?

While there are many brands of natural hair care on the market, we love using the sustainable beauty pioneer, Davines, in our Boilerhouse salon. Our hair stylist team loves working with their cruelty free products and their eco friendly ethos is something that our salon clients love to have to treat their locks.

Davines have sustainable products for all categories of hair and beauty care:

Where can I buy sustainable hair products?

Boilerhouse Ouseburn, both uses and sells the Davines range in our Newcastle-based hair and beauty salon. We stock a variety of hair products from Davines and more, so you’ll have all the tools you need to enhance your look while also leading a healthier lifestyle. 

We are also proud to be a Davines Refill Station! Get 10% off the cost of your Davines refill when you shop with us. Call our Ouseburn salon on 0191 341 0070 to schedule an appointment or enquire about our eco friendly hair ranges. For more on our services, visit us online.

Sustainable Hair Products Gift Boxes from Davines

As part of the Christmas season, Davines have launched a range of products that would make the perfect gift for you or someone special!

They have packed in a range of their best selling cruelty free products including shampoo, conditioners, hair masks, serums and more.

Get Davines Gift Boxes from Boilerhouse! Contact us to find out more information.

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