Because we’re all about the bonds

One of the many reasons we love Schwarzkopf is because Schwarzkopf loves your hair. They’re all about creating new technologies and pushing boundaries when it comes to delivering amazing results in hair colour and care.

The recently relaunched Fibre Force range is the be all and end all when it comes to seriously stressed out and damaged hair, and we’re already achieving unbelievable results on hair we would otherwise be unable to colour. This cocktail of salon exclusive bond connecter infusion and bonding cream can be booked as an in-salon treatment, alongside a cut or blowdry for just £10. This can be followed up by a colour appointment as early as 3 days after initial application. The combination of these powerful products, when applied to the hair, recreates broken and missing bonds deep within the hair’s structure achieving long lasting strength and integrity.

Once your hair is prepped and ready to go following a Fibre Force treatment, the next step is to hold onto the health of those new bonds by taking out insurance for the newly strengthened condition of your hair using Fibreplex with your colouring appointment.

Adding Fibreplex into your colouring regime can minimise hair breakage by up to 94%, allowing us as stylists to colour without compromise. Our £12 in-salon option gets you Fibreplex No. 1 Bond Booster added into your colour(s) which enforces strong structural bonds, protecting your hair from damage during the colouring process and ultimately sacrifices itself instead of your hair bearing the brunt of the damage. This is then followed up with No. 2 Bond Sealer which creates even more new bonds within the hair fibre and seals the outer hair surface for noticable strength, suppleness and shine. No. 2 also balances pH level to perfectly lock in colour pigments for long-lasting colour protection. Our second treatment option, priced at £20, upgrades you to include home care, bagging you a bottle of No. 3 Bond Maintainer which helps maintain the significantly improved hair quality and delivers all the benefits of No. 2 Bond Sealer in between colour appointments. Added bonuses include continued intensive care, making the hair strong, supple and full of shine and protection against new mechanical damage at home.

Just before we go, remember we mentioned the new Igora Royal shades we heard about at the recent Schwarzkopf training day? Well, they’re here and they’re super pretty. Opulescence brings the next big beauty and fashion trend to hair: Opulent Renaissance colours. With six new shades inspired by the colours of the Renaissance painters and royal fashion, this new range brings the next mega fashion trend to hair.

Check out the images below and head over to Schwarzkopf Professional for more dreamy ideas and inspiration.


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