Autumn hues, just for you

We love this time of year – seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness, surrounded by leaves starting to make their own merry rainbow of coppers, russets, golds and reds, and it gets us excited to mirror the autumnal colour show on our preferred canvas – hair. This is the time, when the weather gets cooler outside, to bring warmth to your face by adjusting your hair colour.

Many of you are hanging on to your summer ombrés and we’ve got great ways to make them season appropriate. By stepping away from bleach and super ashy blondes, we head towards softer tones of honey, beige and caramel. Using a semi-permanent colour to drop your roots down a base shade or two or to wash warmer tones through your blonde ends are 2 ways of freshening up your look. These services require a patch test but are otherwise low in maintenance – by staying away from permanent products, you encourage a gradual fade over time  – perfect if you decide to ramp up the blonde again when the sun starts showing its face in spring.




Of course, the change in the season is also a great excuse for a big colour change up too, whether going for a soft, rich shade, or a super bold and bright one! These clients all recently embraced the change. We’d love for you to give it a go too! As with any colour change, your best bet is popping in to chat with one of us about what you fancy before booking your appointment. This ensures we book out the right amount of time to achieve your chosen colour, have everything we need in stock (certain bright colours are ordered to specification) and that you have been skin tested, so when your appointment comes around, you’re good to go.




Home maintenance plays a big role in the longevity of your hair’s colour and vibrancy. Paul Mitchell gift packs are now on the shelves – they’re a perfect Christmas wishlist idea, but with savings on every combination, they’re also a great investment to take away when you come in for your colour. Particular faves for this season’s colour looks are Make It Colourful(£20 – saving £5.20) featuring Color Protect Daily Shampoo and Conditioner and the luxurious Make It Vibrant (£40 – saving £3.20) featuring Ultimate Color Repair Shampoo, Conditioner and Rescue (spray). You can also use your loyalty points toward these bundled sets to save even more before points are cleared at the end of the year.

 paul-mitchell-make-it-vibrant-trio-paul-mitchell-cruelty-free-shampoo-professional-hair-and-beauty-products-from-loxa-beautyWe’re also championing our Fabuloso toning conditioners (£21.50) this month. These speedy 5-minute home colour treatments really help freshen colour in between appointments by depositing pigment onto the hair to pep up tired tresses and keep your colour popping til your next appointment. Naturally, with our seasonal colour preferences this autumn, our thumbs are firmly up for copper, mahogany and caramel Fabuloso, though the chestnut, even on natural, non-coloured hair will add depth and rich shine.


Until next time, we wish you all a happy Halloween and Bonfire Night and hope to see you soon 🙂

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