Festival Hair Ideas for Summer 2021

Festival hairstyle ideas

When it comes to festival hair, most people will agree that there is a fine balance between fun styles and easy maintenance, with the lack of luxury facilities often making ‘updos‘ and ‘dry shampoo‘ two of the most common Google searches around festival time.

But while practical hairstyles are popular, the best thing about festival time is the freedom to be as extra, over the top, and fabulous as you want to be.

In this blog post we will be sharing some of our favourite festival hair ideas for Summer 2021, with ideas that tick the boxes of every different style, festival, and weather condition you can imagine. 

Our Festival Hair Must-Haves

Before we jump into our top styles for Summer 2021, we recommend investing in the following as part of your festival prep:

  • A lightweight and portable hairbrush and comb
  • Plenty of hair ties and grips 
  • Hairspray!
  • Glitter, Colour, and everything else that makes you feel a little bit special 

Introducing our Top Hair Styles for Summer 2021

Space Buns

Space buns festival hairstyle

Space buns have made a comeback, and if you’re looking for something truly unique and extraordinary for festival season then look no further. Creating two equal-sized buns on your head might seem difficult but this is a playful look which works on any hair length or style and keeps your hair out of your face. 

Bubble Braids

These are so fun, taking the concept of a schoolgirl braid and giving it an extra lift and tons of volume. Bubble braids are easy to master but do require lots of hair bands so make sure you stock up before heading to the festival grounds! As a super versatile hairstyle idea, bubble braids can be factored into a half-up-half-down do or worked into a full updo, depending on your preference and the vibe you are going for.  

Messy Top Knots

Messy buns and top knots are no longer reserved for the working from home crew. Festivals are back, and with them comes a new lease of life for the messy bun – taking half of your hair and throwing it up into an artfully creative and fun knot on top of your head. What you do with the rest of your hair is up to you – we love loose beachy waves and a hint of back brushed styling to add some drama and volume to your hair. 

Braided Pigtails

Arguably the best thing about festival braids is that you can do them on day one and they will likely see you through at least a couple of days – keeping your hair looking stylish, away from your face, and photo-ready at all times. Elevate your braided pigtails by weaving a colourful streak into each side or add hair gems for that little bit of sparkle. 

Surfer Waves

Surfer waves festival hair

One of the most popular festival hairdo’s of the 21st century – and for good reason. There is nothing that screams ‘classic festival vibes’ more clearly than surfer waves, with nothing more than a little wave and texture in the hair, made better with a couple of days of no water and only dry shampoo to keep it under control. Even better, natural waves are weatherproof and will serve you well day and night. The number one lowkey option. 

Sleek Bun

The perfect hairstyle for a classier look, the sleek bun is one which works on any length of hair and can add a touch of elegance to your festival experience – plus it’s very easy to achieve. A sleek bun can be placed anywhere on the head, though we particularly love to see sleek buns at the base of the back for a really lowkey and relaxed finish. A great style for day two or three of your festival experience, when you’re running low on energy and need something quick and simple. 

Flipped Ponytail

The ultimate festival updo – and one that you will definitely want for your Instagram. A flipped ponytail takes an ordinary high ponytail and adds a little extra by flipping the ends up using a straighter or a curling iron. Think ‘Bree Van De Kamp’ season one vibes, but with a little more sass and a little less conservative structure. To lift this look even further, take a small section of hair and wrap it around your hair tie to conceal the elastic and create a fun and unique look.

The Takeaway

As soon as your out of office is on, you are no longer ‘office you’ – you become ‘festival you’… and that girl loves a fun hairdo! Tag us in your Insta-fabulous hairdo’s this summer and let us know what other weird and wonderful hairstyles you come across as the summer 2021 festival season continues.

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