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Calling all hair stylists; if you haven’t used ghd products before, where have you been? Often pitched as the top hair straighter and curling iron brand in the world, ghd has branched out from selling the simple straightening tool and has now introduced a collection of different products to the market; all boasting their own benefits and advantages over the others. 

In this post, we will be diving into some of these individual products and uncovering what makes them so great – but before we start here’s a little about why ghd is so popular. 

Why ghd?

Here at Boilerhouse, the very message behind the ghd brand speaks volumes to us; with the acronym translating to ‘Good Hair Day’. As this is something we and our clients strive for every day, it follows that ghd is a brand at the very heart of our service. 

ghd Straighteners and Stylers

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ghd IV original straightener – The original for a reason, this straightener helps customers achieve salon perfect hair after every wash (something promised by many brands but delivered by very few). With the standard user switch and single temperature, the ghd IV original straightener is easy to use and fool proof, and offers great value for money.

ghd unplugged – The clue is in the title with the ghd unplugged – which is ghd’s first cordless and completely portable straightener. Slotting neatly into a carry bag with a small charger to keep it going, this straightener is just as effective at curling hair as it is straightening hair – and can take you from gym to the office, straight to the bar without going home. 

ghd Gold Styler – The ghd gold styler is renowned for its focus on an even distribution of heat and the optimum styling temperature which straightens hair in one sweep without causing damage. The design is sleeker and thinner than the original straightener, which allows this model to create smaller waves and tighter curls and is more portable. 

ghd platinum+ styler – Users rate the ghd platinum+ styler as one of the best because of the heightened technology, which allows the product to determine the thickness of your hair and heat to the correct temperature for optimum styling and protection. This means that results are better, and your hair achieves a high level finish without constantly running over it with the heat and causing damage. 

ghd oracle – The ghd oracle hides a clue in its name and has become widely popular as a curling iron which is also capable of straightening hair where necessary. With the unique U shape of the barrel creating clean and bouncy curls, this is a versatile product which we particularly love for its combined heating and cooling methods of styling. 

ghd Hot Brushes

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ghd rise – The ultimate all-in-one, the ghd rise hot brush allows you to dry and style hair using just one product. Yes, that means no more sore arms as you try to hold a hairdryer on top of your head as your style and dry after every wash. The 32mm barrel is the ideal size for adding bounce and volume, and the heat up time is quick and effortless. 

ghd glide – This hot brush may require a cord to work but other than that it blends right in with the rest of your hair products, making it a dressing table staple for customers of all ages and with all hair types. We love the way that the thick brush glides through the hair, taming and eliminating frizz and helping to make hair styling a quicker task. The ghd glide is a great value product that delivers salon-standard results at home!

ghd Hair Dryers

ghd hair dryer

ghd air hair dryer – It’s easy to downplay the value of a good hair dryer – until you have one. The ghd air hair dryer is simple but versatile, with a selection of heat settings and power settings available so that you can truly tailor your hair drying experience. The power cable is long enough to reach your favourite mirror, and the ergonomic design means this can be used by both left handed and right handed users. 

ghd helios hair dryer – In a war between the helios and the air models, the ghd helios could win by a thin margin but only because of the precision technology that allows for more targeted drying and deliberate styling. The light weight of this model makes it super user friendly, and the inbuilt sound controller means you can carry on listening to your favourite tunes while you dry your hair. 

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