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Why Choose ghd? 

‘Good Hair Day’ – the type of day we all aspire to have every morning, and also the answer to the age old question of what does ghd stand for! One of the most recognisable names in hairstyling, ghd straighteners have been the go-to for the majority of people. ghd products are known for being durable and effective, resulting in making your hair look pristine and glamorous for years to come!


Which ghd Straighteners Should You Buy?

There are several straighteners to choose from when considering which ghd to buy, and each pair has its own benefits. ghd Unplugged, which are wireless straighteners, are useful for those who travel around often and for giving your hair a touch up on the go! For anyone looking for high quality hair straighteners to keep close to their dressing table, the Gold and Platinum+ Stylers are both great choices. Alternatively, ghd Oracle is the go-to for those of you who love to add a bit of curl to your style.


How to Curl Your Hair with ghd

If you’re looking to curl your hair, there are a few different options with ghd. You can use some professional curlers, such as the ghd Oracle, which use optimal breakthrough curl-zone technology to easily create curls in all hair types. Alternatively, you can use regular ghd straighteners to curl your hair! Although they’re called straighteners, they can also be used to curl your hair perfectly. If you are wondering how to curl your hair with ghd products, you can use any of the straighteners or stylers to get your desired curl effect.


To curl your hair, you’ll need to start with clean and dry hair, so it’s worth washing your hair and blow drying it just before you begin the curling process. When you begin curling, make sure you twist your hair away from your face, hold the hair in the curled position, and carefully pull down straight through the rest of your hair. Repeat this process with the other sections of your hair that you wish to add a spring to and be delighted with the results! You can always add hairspray to help hold the curls in position for longer.


How Long do ghd Products Last?

One of the main reasons that ghd products are so popular is because they are built to last! It’s tough to put an exact time scale on how long hair straighteners will last for, but providing your ghds are taken care of and remain in good condition, there’s no reason they’ll stop working anytime soon. All ghd products come with a manufacturer’s guarantee, so if there are any faults which arise within that period, you can get your straighteners fixed or exchanged for no extra cost.


What Else do ghd Offer?

In addition to straighteners, ghd also produce the best quality hairdryers and brushes. The ghd Air Hairdryer uses advanced ionic technology with a professional strength 2,100 watt AC motor at 240v. Alternatively, the ghd Helios Hairdryer uses Aeroprecis technology to enable intuitive styling with more precise control.


Another popular hair product is the hot brush, and ghd offer two different variations. The ghd Rise is designed to create more volume while brushing your hair. Useful for those with thick or long hair, hot brushes can dry your hair whilst allowing you to style it in whichever way suits you. The ghd Glide is another hot brush that uses ceramic technology and ioniser for taming hair and eliminating fuzz.



Hopefully, this guide has been able to give you an understanding of why ghd products are so sought-after by beauty enthusiasts and professional hair stylists alike. If you have any other questions about our ghd product range, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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