Healthy Festival Hairstyles

Summer is just around the corner, and the longer, lighter evenings are getting us all super excited here at Boilerhouse! With summer rolling around that also means one thing – that festival season is just getting started and personally, as creative stylists here at both our Ouseburn and Jesmond salons, we thrive with creativity during the festival period as the scope is so broad to have fun with your hair and try something new! We all like to look and feel great, but a main priority of ours is that we also look after the condition of our hair and maintain its health and shine, no matter what. We have rounded up our favourite festival-inspired hairstyles that require no heat whatsoever for quick and easy styling with no damage left to your luscious locks!


Festival hairstyles that are healthy for your hair



One of the easiest hairstyles to recreate in your own hair is of course plaits! Whether it is sectioning all of your hair into one plait, two plaits or just several chunks of your hair into little braids – they are a perfectly healthy option for your hair requiring no heat whatsoever and only take a couple of minutes to style and the best part? They don’t have to look immaculate! The boho look is perfect for summer time, and even better if you are attending a festival – the last thing you want is to spend loads of time making your hair look presentable and doing complicated do’s, when you can simply achieve this with your plaits by loosening strands to create shape and definition around your face. However if you do prefer them more tidy and polished, then simply slick it using a fine comb and hairspray and you’re done!

Statement Slides


Statement hair slides are a massive thing at the moment – embellished with pearls, diamonte’s, sequins or simply a monogram or slogan! If you prefer to leave your hair natural with minimal effort, simply slide a couple of these in to keep your hair away from your face and Bob’s your uncle! Even better, sometimes you can corporate them to match with your outfit and it looks like you have spent twice as much time piecing together your festival ‘look’.


Take a BOW


Ribbons are a great alternative to harsh hair ties to keep your hair tied away from your face! Whether you want to pin your hair back into a classic pony, bunches, or simply just half up-half down, popping in a little ribbon and tying a pretty bow can make all the difference and look like you have spent longer on it than needed!



Of course, you didn’t think we were going to do a guide to quick and simple festival inspired hairstyles that you can achieve with no heat, without mentioning a festivals best friend- glitter, did you?! There are so many options that you can choose to do with your glitter, whether it be creating ‘space buns’ and partitioning your hair with glitter, or sprinkling down from your root for the ombre approach, chances are the hardest decision you will have with this trend is just deciding on which colour glitter you want to go for – just make sure it’s a colour you love as chances are you will be finding it EVERYWHERE for many weeks following the event!


Get In Touch


If we have inspired you to get creative today with our guide to healthy hairstyles perfect for a summer festival, then be sure to take a photo and share it with us on our social media! We love to see what you have tried at home and you never know, you might just inspire us! And if styling your own hair isn’t one of your strong points, or simply something you would like some help with, you can book an appointment with us today and from £20 we can create your perfect festival inspired plaits, braids of up-do’ for you! Give us a call on 0191 341 0070 (Ouseburn) / 0191 281 2348 (Jesmond) to speak to one of our experienced stylists and book your appointment today!


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