Model Mondays at Boilerhouse Academy

Model at Boilerhouse Hair

As we move firmly into autumn, there’s change afoot at Boilerhouse. Model Mondays have moved in and are here to stay at the Boilerhouse training academy.

While the old Wednesday training shifts and the more recently introduced Tuesday afternoon slots worked at the time, what we really love about Model Mondays is that our┬átraining team of apprentices are now dedicated to you and their training for their full shift, with no regular┬ásalon duties to distract them. Between the hours of 10am and 6pm every Monday we’re able to offer you appointment slots for cuts, colours, blowdries and hair up styles with a varied team of apprentices ranging from newbies up to the almost qualified. What’s more, given the newly structured shifts, we can now train throughout December, giving you a whole extra month of training appointments per year.

Training appointments are mutually beneficial with your apprentice gaining vital training and experience and you getting fabulous hair at a snip on regular Boilerhouse prices. Please be aware that, while the cut and/or colour you receive will be of your choosing, as discussed in your initial consultation, these appointments can take time and on occasion we may require our apprentices to dry or style your hair in a way different to your normal choice for the purposes of training and assessing. It’s always best to leave ample time when attending a training appointment to ensure you and your apprentice stylist are relaxed throughout as we cannot guarantee appointment time frames.

As with our regular colour appointments, patch tests are essential for any all over or root retouch appointment, and must have been applied at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.

We’re continually impressed by the quality of work our apprentices achieve, a sample of which can be seen below. To book in, call the salon on 0191 2812348 and speak to Mitch, Saskia or one of our apprentices. We look forward to welcoming you to Model Mondays soon.

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