Pastel pink or gorgeous greige?

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Pink versus greige

Hair trends, as with all trends, have a tendency to loop round, constantly changing and reinventing. Keeping an eye on today’s fashionistas reveals 2 trends going strong, with Grazia recently covering the current colour battle: Pink versus Greige.

Pastel pinks have been around for a good few seasons now, and with sunnier months and the festival season just around the corner, we certainly don’t expect this to be changing anytime soon. Pinks are a way for those with already naturally light or pre-lightened hair to get their fun, flirty side going. If you have the right, light base colour to begin with this trend is an ideal, low-committal way of freshening up your ‘do as pale pinks will gradually wash up to reveal your blonde locks underneath. Our Schwarzkopf Pearlescence range can help bring your pretty in pink dreams a reality, with 2 cute candy colours, as well as several other pastels to pick from. For a softer and shorter lasting pink, Strawberry toner in our BlondeMe toning range is also an awesome option. These options can also be added to highlight services to give a different tone, so long as the lift of the highlights is light enough. Remember, if you’re interested in a colour like this and haven’t had a skin test within the past 6 months, you’ll need to pop in the salon a minimum of 48 hours in advance of your appointment. You can also call in for a colour consultation to explore the possibilities for your hair whenever you fancy.

The newer kid on the block is greige, and not of the regular ‘unbleached or undyed textile’ definition. Quite the opposite in fact when it comes to hair. This new hue of blended beige and grey is taking the colour world by storm, and is being used heavily in interior design as well as in fashion, most predominantly sported on hair and lips. This hair colour is highly coveted but can be hard to successfully achieve. The darker your natural colour, the trickier the process. As with pastels, greige is best suited to those who are already have hair on a naturally light base, or hair that is pre-lightened. Schwarzkopf’s recent release, the SilverWhite range, was designed and marketed with a more mature audience in mind. That being said, we’ve been having a whale of a time using the 4 colours in this new grey range as bang on-trend fashion toners. As with the pinks, the BlondMe range of toners offers up a softer greige result in the form of Ice, but for a longer lasting result, we’re currently crushing heavily on Silver and Dove Grey in the SilverWhites. Of course no greige, or any cool blonde colour for that matter, is complete with Schwarzkopf Color Freeze Silver Shampoo. This colour balancing shampoo packs a real punch, and we recommend you use it once or twice a week, as a treatment alongside your regular shampoo to keep your colour true, and hold brassy hues at bay.

We’d highly recommend an initial consultation if you’re planning a big change and this means we can also do a patch test for your colour so when you come in for your appointment, you’re good to go. We believe photos are a good starting point and, while some hairdressers hate photos, we think they’re always useful to kick off an initial discussion, because ladies, there are 50 shades of grey don’t we know, as well as 50 shades of every other colour, so bear in mind your interpretation of pastel pink may not be your stylist’s interpretation of pastel pink!

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