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We’ve all experienced that moment of feeling fabulous when we step out of the salon, with squeaky clean and perfectly styled locks, wondering why our hair never feels as thoroughly cleaned when washed at home. Want to know the secret? Products. All the lovely products. Ok, we understand it’s a little easier for us to wash and dry your hair for you, but we’d still not arrive at the end results we do without the product ranges we use. This week’s blog is going to explore some of the shampoos and conditioners in our primary styling range, Paul Mitchell, because every great ‘do ought to start with the right foundations.

One thing we particularly love about Paul Mitchell is its commitment to no animal testing. In fact, in 1980 they became the first professional beauty company to publicly stand up against animal testing. Now 35 years later, that pledge to furry friends remains a driving force in all they do. Just last year, Paul Mitchell® Co-founder John Paul DeJoria made the decision to stop selling products in China when animal testing became a mandate, reaffirming the brand’s steadfast commitment to being cruelty-free.


Sometimes finding the right shampoo is as simple as 1, 2, 3! The Paul Mitchell Original and Clarifying ranges have just that, with three shampoos designed for everyday lifestyle needs.

Shampoo One (£10.50) is our gentle, everyday cleanser. With a tropical, coconut scent, we often have clients comment it reminds them of holidays and we absolutely agree. It’s vegan, if that’s the sort of detail that floats your boat, and, as it’s gentle, it’s colour safe and helps deliver a deep shine and easy manageability.

Shampoo Two (£10.50) is our deep cleanser that packs a real punch. Fortunately for us, it’s still colour safe, and it’s zingy, lemon based scent revitalises both your hair and shower routine. Perfect for powering through product build up, Shampoo Two also helps minimize oil production over time, so with regular use you can kiss greasy roots goodbye.

Shampoo Three (£11.50) is a little more specialised. This hefty fella helps remove dulling impurities from inside the hair shaft, so is the perfect choice for a hair detox. Swimmers may find that their hair takes on a green tinge from trapped chlorine, and those living in areas with a high iron content in their water may find their hair picks up red and orange tones. Shampoo Three will help flush out these nasties and is perfect as an everyday shampoo for those affected, but not suitable for coloured hair, as we’d rather you kept those intentional colour particles in your hair as long as possible!

When it comes to conditioner, there are many out there who believe it’s an unnecessary step. We’d beg to differ, as conditioning your hair has multiple benefits, including keeping hair healthy, sealing the hair to avoid impurities entering the inner structure and reducing flyaways and static. The Original and Condition Paul Mitchell ranges cover bases from super light conditioning options, to strong, leave-in ones.

Lite Detangler (£13.25) is a lightweight, spray in conditioner, for those who find even the lightest, in-shower cream conditioner formula too heavy. This frangrance-free detangling spray helps with combing through tangled tresses while adding shine and volume to the hair.

For those preferring a light, in-shower conditioner, The Rinse (£12.95) is the perfect choice. Hydrating and detangling, The Rinse is suitable for all hair types and controls flyaways and leaves hair silky smooth and oh so manageable without adding unwanted weight to the hair.

Moving up the strength ranks, we find ourselves at The Detangler (£13.95). Suitable for medium to coarse and dry hair The Detangler smoothes, softens and prevents moisture loss. Grape seed oil provides instant conditioning shine, while carrot extract, rich in beta-carotene, acts as a natural UV absorber and helps guard hair from everyday sun damage.

The daddy in this set is The Conditioner (£13.95). This leave in moisturiser smoothes hair, reduces static, prevents dryness and helps gets weary strands back in shape. Just a pea sized amount worked through clean, towel dried hair is all you need, and what’s more, The Conditioner doubles up as a fabulous moisturiser for your skin, making it an excellent multi-tasking travel partner.

If you’ve enjoyed learning a little more about some of the products we have to offer, please check back on the blog, as we’ll be featuring more of our ranges over the coming months. Don’t forget, every £10 you spend in the salon earns you 50p towards products, so why not give a Paul Mitchell shampoo or conditioner a try and see the difference for yourself.

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