Three Mistakes You Could Be Making While Drying Your Hair

Washing and drying our hair is something that just becomes a part of our daily or weekly routine. Without thinking too much into it, once we’ve shampooed and conditioned, we tend to jump out of the shower reaching for the nearest towel to tie our hair back. 


But what would you say if we were to tell you there are three common mistakes that a LOT of people make while drying their hair? And that they are super easy to combat and avoid for next time? Let’s take a look…


Three Mistakes You Could Be Making While Drying Your Hair


Towel Drying –


Struggling to maintain the frizzy mane? Your towel could be the issue. 

Although it feels like second nature to many of us to jump out of the shower and reach for the nearest towel to rub your hair dry, before wrapping up. Not only does the pressurised motion while doing this pose a risk to the condition of your hair, using a normal bath towel doesn’t help either. 


The motion is rough on wet hair which can actually lead to serious damage including snapping, breaking and serious fizz. 



Sometimes you may find that your hair performs best when you use less products and you leave it to its own devices (to an extent!). We are constantly told about all the latest masks, serums, oils and so on that we should be using, but sometimes, less can be more. Leave your hair to air dry when you can, as the less pulling, tagging and rubbing that it goes through – the better. Through minimal effort, you can gain stronger, healthier and shinier hair – and what’s not to love about that?! 


Not Using Heat Protective Products –


Whenever you apply heat to your hair, there is always going to be the possibility of major hair damage through the hair drying out quicker. 



This can be prevented through various heat protectant products, such as sprays and serums before you blow dry your hair (if needed) or curl or straighten your tresses. 


Styling Damp Hair With Heat –


We all know what it can be like if you are washing your hair before you head out to work, or out for the evening at the weekend. Air drying it sometimes isn’t even an option, and blow drying can become tiring after so long, especially when you have somewhere to be. But whatever you do – do not apply heat to damp or wet hair! 



Applying heat to damp or wet hair is essentially frying the strands. Burning it and drying it out. When drying your hair, a top tip is to always keep the nozzle on the hairdryer! It’s more common than you think for people to remove it, thinking the more heat exposure the quicker it will dry. But in fact, the help of the nozzle will achieve smooth hair by taming the hair cuticle and locking in shine. Section your hair to ensure that you cover each part, and if you have the option of air drying your hair, tying it neatly into plaits can help to create a beautiful natural, effortless wave. 


Healthy Hair Top Tips 


Drink Plenty Of Water – 


Did you know that 25% of the weight of a single hair strand is made up of water? It is essential for your hair growth, strength and shine to opt for water whenever you reach for a drink! 


Try Silk –


Sleeping on a silk pillowcase not only benefits the condition of your skin, but it also massively benefits the condition of your hair. The silky smooth texture can reduce frizz, snags and breakage and can help minimise the amount of washes your hair needs to go through. In addition, when tying your hair up, try a silk hair tie! 


Opt For Sulphate-Free Shampoo –


Sulfates can strip your hair of its natural oils, leading to dry and weak strands – which none of us want! In addition to this, when it comes to washing your hair, avoid washing it every day. Try to stick to two to three times a week and your hair will thank you for it! 


Nutrition Helps – 


Your diet can affect the condition and performance of your hair, therefore it is important to maintain a balanced diet, getting your five a day, staying hydrated and taking care of yourself. High in protein foods are great for the condition of your hair, including chicken, fish, greens and eggs, in addition to high-antioxidants foods such as berries and nuts! 


Book A Hair Appointment –


Regular trims can help the condition, strength and growth of your hair, in addition to your stylist maintaining the care of your locks. Not only can your stylist advise you on how to look after your hair and what products to use but they can keep track of its condition and point out where you could be going wrong! 


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