What Does a Typical Pre-Night Out Routine Look Like?

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What does your night out routine look like? And are there ways that you could make it more time and cost efficient? 

Whether you start early with trips to the hair and beauty salon, or leave everything to the last minute, having a routine can help you to achieve long-lasting effects, without any of the stress of rushing around trying to get everything done. Best of all, it can leave you with plenty of time for pre-night out photos and drinks. 

Without further ado, here is our guide to the ideal pre-night out routine. 

Pick a theme

Before you can even think about getting your hair or make up done, you need to have an idea of what you’re going to wear and what kind of look you want to achieve. The best way to decide this is to find out where you are going and look into the kinds of outfits and themed nights that the venue hosts – then get together with your friends and decide on a form of dress code (for example, cocktail dresses, more formal attire, or keeping it light and playful).

Once you have a theme or an idea of style for the night, it’s time to pick an outfit – making sure you also get the right accessories, underwear, and everything else you might need ticked off your checklist. 

Early treatments 

Manicured hands

These include getting your nails done, getting a wax, and even getting a spray tan done if your outfit and skin calls for a little extra glow. These early beauty treatments are the ones you can get done in the week leading up to your big night out, leaving plenty of time on the day itself for hair and make up and all the other little details which will bring your entire outfit together. 

Shoes (and a little TLC for your feet)

Planning to dance the night away, or keep it cool at the bar? Either way, suitable footwear is key to ensuring you enjoy the whole night – so leave yourself time to find shoes which look great but are comfortable for your feet as well.

We recommend indulging in a little foot TLC before and after your night out too, with a pedicure. And if walking in heels for too long sounds like hell, consider taking some flat shoes in a bag with you to wear on the way home or when your feet get too sore. 

Hair and make up 

On the day of your night out, leave plenty of time to visit the hair salon and get your make up done – ideally taking some form of idea for style and overall appearance with you to help the stylist. Taking photos or even your own preferred products can make the process super easy, with the techniques of a professional hair and make up stylist then adding to the longevity of your style and look.

Your hair in particular can make or break an outfit, so make sure to consider the type of style that you want, and which will compliment your outfit – with updo’s presenting more of a formal and polished look, while and loose and wavy hair style can tone down a more formal outfit and take you from restaurant to bar and onto the club seamlessly. 

If you decide to keep it inhouse and do your own hair and makeup, we recommend practising in advance to ensure that you feel confident in achieving the best look possible. 

Top tip: Wash your hair the day before your night out, rather than on the day itself. Freshly washed hair is harder to style and will drop any curls or styling moves more quickly than hair which was washed the night before. If you have to wash it on the day, use a little mousse to make it easier to work with when styling. 


This will depend on what time of year it is but having adequate layers for moving between venues or going from taxi to bar is important – and easy to factor into your night out thanks to the check in cloakrooms that most venues now offer. 

Some of our top options include denim jackets, leather jackets, woollen coats, and pashmina scarves. 

Planning a big Christmas night out? Book an appointment with us and let us help you achieve festive #hairgoals with no stress. 

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