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Sound familiar? Fear not, you’re not alone. As hairdressers one of the most common questions we hear is ‘how can I get more volume in my hair?’. As with most hair queries, the answer starts with the cut, but very much ends with the products.

Layers regularly come in and out of vogue and aren’t for everyone, though they certainly do help remove weight, making voluminous hair more achievable. However, if your hair is long, thick and heavy, even with the best will in the world, layers aren’t going to take away enough bulk to magically plump up your hair. For thick and fine hair alike, care and styling products play a key role in helping you achieve your desired style.

We at Boilerhouse enjoy styling with the help of our Paul Mitchell product range. Paul Mitchell conveniently split their products down into easy to understand ‘families’ and this blog will cover their purple family – Extra Body.

Every finished look deserves the right foundation, and for voluminous locks our vote goes to Extra Body Daily Shampoo (£11.25 for 300ml) and Extra Body Daily Rinse (£13.95 for 300ml). This combo is best suited for fine to normal hair, though certainly won’t do any harm to help those of you blessed with thick hair prepare for a boosted and bouncy blowdry. Extra Body Daily Shampoo and Rinse both contain panthenol to boost body and help repair damage, while wheat-derived ingredients help prevent damage and leave hair silky smooth, all while leaving minimal residue on the hair to stop heavy and flat results.

Next come the pre-styling products within this range. Extra Body Daily Boost (£16.25 for 250ml) can be sprayed directly onto the root area with the help of the precision spray nozzle, encouraging your roots to stand out from the scalp and adding instant fullness. If you’re a fan of mousse products, Extra Body Sculpting Foam (£12.50 for 200ml) is a fabulously lightweight option, offering flexible control for a full-bodied blowdry. For a gentle plumping finish, Thicken Up (£16.95 for 200ml) really delivers. Thicken Up makes thin strands look and feel thicker without a heavy product feel while adding shine, definition and soft memory, whilst also providing added UV protection. If Thicken Up isn’t quite strong enough for your desired finish, consider what we fondly think of as it’s bigger, stronger brother – Extra Body Sculpting Gel (£11.50 for 200ml). Don’t let the gel name put you off – this product packs an excellent punch, delivering fullness and manageability using flexible, thickening and body-building ingredients. Although helpful with a hand dried finish (particularly on short hair), on long hair these products best lend themselves to a blowdry created with a round brush.

Last but by no means least come the finishing products. The Extra Body range offers 2 options, both in the form of aerosol sprays. Extra Body Finishing Spray and Extra Body Firm Finishing Spray (both £14.95 for 300ml) offer excellent hold and added volume to really lock in your full look. Pick your level of hold and enjoy a fuller, frizz-free finish that will last you day to night.

Remember, every £10 you spend in the salon, be it on hair, beauty or retail, earns you 1 loyalty point. Your loyalty points automatically add up on your account and can be redeemed on any retail of your choice, whether you’re topping up on your faves, or trying something for the first time. Feel free to check with us at your next appointment how many points you have to redeem. It’s our way of saying thanks for your continued support, as well as giving you the opportunity to try out our salon favourite products from the comfort of your own home 🙂


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