Our Top Ten Hairstyles For Summer

When it comes to summertime hair do’s, it is far too easy to fall into the same old hairstyles that you have worn for years. You know the traditional Summer styles such as braids and beachy waves, but here at Boilerhouse we are a team of creatives who get excited at the prospect of a new challenge and we believe hair is something to have fun with! Today we are going to share with you our top ten hairstyles for summer… 


Our Top Ten Hairstyles For Summer 


Mermaid Waves


Fancy sporting a curly do’ but want something a bit different to the usual loose waves or traditional ‘beachy waves’? Then Mermaid Waves could be the twist you are looking for! They are perfect for making a statement look, without looking like you have tried too hard, and all it takes is a little spray of hairspray to get them in place! 


The Wet Look


There’s nothing worse than being in a rush to leave the house but feeling like your hair could do with a good wash and the dry shampoo just isn’t going to cut it! Fear not! This could be the perfect time for you to try sporting the ‘wet hair’ look, a favourite between celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Zandaya and Gigi Hadid. If you still prefer to make a little bit of an effort, then why not style your ‘wet hair’ look by moving your parting to the side and accessories with an embellished hair slide, or style a pretty plait to add texture. It will get you from the shower to the door in no time! 


Ballerina Bun


One of the quickest ‘I need to be out of the door in ten minutes’ type of hairstyle that can work for any time of the day, for any event or occasion. The ballerina bun, often sported by A-List supermodels such as Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. All it takes is a comb and some hairspray to slick smoothly into place and you’re good to go! If you are looking to glam up the look for an evening, why not add an embellished pair of earrings and the look can instantly go from day to night! 


Braided Bun


A braided bun is the perfect twist to your average top knot. It adds depth and texture, giving the bun a fuller finish. They can be as messy as you wish, or as neat as you prefer and not look out of place at all. Perfect for any event or occasion, it’s a staple perfect for summer. 


Bold Bangs


Bangs (or as we call it in England, a full fringe) are always a popular choice no matter what time of year it is. A fringe can frame your face adding definition and shape, and totally transform your usual look. This summer, why not try opting for a slightly grown-out fringe so that it is easy to play around with and tie back if needs be. 


Half and Half


A super easy style to sport over the summer is of course, the classic half up, half down hairstyle. This style works for whatever hair type you have, whether it is short, long, straight, wavy or curly – it expects very little maintenance, can be as slick or undone as you wish and is easily accessorised to suit the time or occasion that you are wearing it for. 


Sleek Ponies


You can’t go wrong with a ponytail, right? This summer we are seeing so many celebs sporting a super sleek ponytail – such a simple, low maintenance hairstyle but can make such an impact on your overall look! All you need is a cute hair tie, hairspray and you’re good to go! If you’re looking to up the umph for an evening look, why not take a small section of hair from the ponytail and hide the hair tie by wrapping the hair around and securing in place with a bobby pin? Such a simple but sleek finish. 


Balloon Ponytail


The balloon ponytail feels like a major 90s throwback but is such a simple yet bold and unique look to try! Simply tie your hair back into a secure ponytail, and use multiple hair ties to tie sections of your ponytail and simply fluff out the segments to achieve the ‘balloon’ look. 




A huge hair trend that is doing its rounds at the moment is to accessorise your hair with headbands, whether they are embellished, textured, or fun colours. Whether you are sporting an up do’ or your hair down. 




In addition to headbands, scrunchies are now coming back around again. Once big in the 90s, this is a trend that provides very little to no damage at all to your hair with no pulling or snapping, which is a huge benefit for keeping your hair strong and healthy. Perfect for using on holiday when you may be a little more experimental with your hair, simply play around with this trend whether it is a half-up and half-down style, classic curled ponytail or ballerina bun. 


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