Back to basics

In a world of long hair and bouncy blowdries it’s easy to forget the simple foundations we all learn in our training days. We’re firm believers at Boilerhouse of continual professional development, and sometimes that means going back to basics. That’s why recently Kim held a back to basics demo morning for all our young stylists and apprentices. These meetings are a really important part of our practice and allow us not only to learn from Kim and refresh our memory, but also to open a dialogue between stylists who often spend the majority of their working time running busy columns. This gives us a great chance to share knowledge and pass ideas and experiences around.

Kim started her session using a live model, demoing a firefly technique to create a basic brush-back look. This style creates a soft and flattering rounded short cut and can be tweaked in a variety of ways to present a different outcome.

Next, Kim used model heads to demonstrate the importance of an external front shape on mid-length cuts, including various methods of how to incorporate a fringe into the style.

We will be holding these sessions regularly, using our new Ouseburn site as the training academy. Future planned demos will include underhangs and overhangs and creative curly work, with more topics in the pipeline. We’ve also got a balayage training day scheduled for October. If you’re interested in being a model for one of our demo sessions, please email Saskia at

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