Spritz and spray your way into Spring

We promised a couple of blogs back to deliver you more product info on the new Balmain range, so here is the your first installment. As you may now know, one of the key features across the entire range is the inclusion of both argan extract and silk protein – a hair care dream team if ever we heard one! This blog’s group of products are all super simple to use – spritz, spray and mist your way toward beautiful hair.


We’ve all been in the position where we’ve bought a product and not known how to use it, or quite likely not had the time, but with spray products there’s no excuse. All of the products featured today come in spray and go form, no need for rinsing or faffing.

Let’s begin with Ash Toner (£21.50). If you’re blonde then chances are you know all about silver/blue/purple shampoos to help keep your blonde, or grey, beautiful, non-brassy and bang on trend. If you haven’t heard of these products, where have you been??? It’s fine to fan girl over colour shampoos, but blue hands and standing around in the shower to tone your hair is no fun, and here’s where this little gem steps in. The leave-in formula with deep purple tone improves clarity and reduces unwanted brassy tones, refracting the warmth in natural, coloured or highlighted hair. So popular the world over it’s almost impossible to keep on our shelves and this little beaut keeps selling out absolutely everywhere, so when we manage to get stock be sure to snap it up!

Next, a seasonal special, Sun Protection Spray (£26.75). This only hit shelves last week and what better time to arrive with holiday season on the way? Summer sun and sea can be hugely damaging to your locks but this formula works as sun cream for your hair and is enriched with protective UVA and UVB filters helping to nourish and condition sun, sea or chlorine exposed hair. It also prevents colour fading and keratin damage, giving you soft, strong sun kissed hair with a luminous shine. Mist on straight out of the shower to benefit from added conditioning and detangling properties, and apply to dry hair throughout the day to top up your sun cover.

No sun for you this year? No problem! Well, maybe, but whilst we can’t sort you a holiday, we can sort you a heat spray. Thermal Protection Spray (£22.50)  guards the hair against the heat of styling tools up to a maximum temperature of 220c and reduces hair breakage on both natural and coloured hair. The leave-in heat protection spray formula locks in moisture, seals hair cuticles, eliminates frizz and is humidity resistant, providing soft hold and a brilliant finish.

Pushed for time in your busy daily routine? Swap your in-shower conditioner for Balmain Leave-In Conditioner (£24.45). Suitable for all hair types this spray conditions both the hair and scalp, smoothes, detangles, adds shine and volume and contains UV- filters. Creating easily manageable, flexible and shiny hair, this spray gives body, volume, care and conditioning throughout the day.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about some of the fab products we get to spend every day working with. As ever, ask your stylists for product, care and styling tips next time you’re in, and keep your eyes peeled for another Balmain blog soon.

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