Valentine’s Day at Boilerhouse

What did you do this Valentine’s Day? At Boilerhouse we had a lot of wonderful ladies in before their special date nights with their significant other, as well as ladies who had planned mate dates with their besties. The team at Boilerhouse made sure everyone felt beautiful on Valentine’s Day, as they do throughout the year!


February is the month of romance!


During the month of February, we see a lot of romantic hair trends coming through our door, and we love them! Keep on reading to find out our favourite romantic looks…


Beautiful Braids

Braids give off an enchanted feel to any look, but there are so many different ways you can style your hair with braids. Whether your whole hair is incorporated in your braids or you decide to have half up half down do with your braids, there’s a look for you!  


Beachy Waves

There’s nothing better than giving your hair a touch of waves for an evening do! Beachy waves hit the spot between an effortless look and a very glamorous hairstyle – making them perfect for any date night you may have planned.


Long Layers

If you have long straight hair and you’re looking for something a bit different, then why not add some long layers! You can’t go wrong with layers, the more longer ones you have added the more definition and volume your hair will have.


Retro Glam

If you’re thinking about going all out this February then why not ask your hairdresser to add some old Hollywood style curls to your hair! This is great if you’re looking for a do that’ll stay in place all evening – with plenty of hairspray!


Contact us!

Here at Boilerhouse, we offer a range of hair and beauty services in both our Jesmond and Ouseburn salons! If you are looking for even more expert hair advice, or fancy yourself a new do browse the services on our website or contact us to book yourself in today. For our Jesmond salon call us on 0191 281 348, or for our Ouseburn salon call 0191 341 0070.


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