Festival season – it’s to dye for!

With the sun in the sky, the longest day of the year and the promise of summer on the way, it’s time to think of all the summery delights this season brings – sea, sand, holidays and festivals. We always find that a change in seasons inspires a change in styles and we’re ready for you ladies!


Pastel tones are always a sure fire way to embrace a summery, care-free mood. As with any pale colour, this trend is best suited to those blessed with naturally fair hair, or those willing to highlight or bleach up to a pale base that can take a pastel colour and show it off to its best. It’s therefore not always suitable, dependent on previous colour processes, hair health and strength and natural base colour. That’s why we’d always suggest you come and have a chat with us if you’re considering pitching for pastel. You’re welcome to pop in any time for a free colour consultation, and we can skin test you at this point too if necessary to be sure your appointment runs to plan once booked.


Now we know that those of you who have battled to get to the blonde you’ve always dreamed of are, understandably, reluctant to compromise this colour for fear of not getting it back, but also get bored sometimes of feeling a bland blonde. If this describes you then we’ve got the perfect new product up our sleeves. Schwarzkopf BlondeMe have released a little bit of fun in a bottle, ideal for holidays, festivals and switching your blonde up for parties and other occasions. Instant Blush offers 4 soft pastel tones – strawberry, ice, jade and steel blue – for quick results that are set to stun.


Simply choose your method and spray your chosen tone onto damp hair, then dry and style as normal. Whether streaks, balyage or all over colouring, your imagination is your only limit to the looks you can achieve. You can even mix and match the coloured sprays for ultimate mermaid hair heaven. 2-3 washes later and the soft shades will have washed out of your hair leaving your blonde as beautiful underneath as it ever was. The Blush bottles retail at £13.95 and are available now. If you’re in for an appointment already and would like to buy a bottle, speak to your stylist who can use your purchase to show you how to use and create the look you’re after.

Microsoft PowerPoint - RL Event Nov_ Igora Royal_Chart Template_

Feeling brave? Remember we have a plethora of toners in pastel shades which will last you longer, and if you’re ready to fully commit, Pearlescence offers a far more permanent pastel.

IGORA Pearlescence

You can read more about our toners and Pearlescence, as well as see shade chart examples of the colour ranges by heading over to our Pastel Pink or Gorgeous Greige blog.

You can also see below two looks created on client Sera by Saskia using a combination of our toning and Pearlescence ranges, Pearlescence in action on one of Molly’s clients and our apprentice Lucy embracing the summery pastel trend with some lovely lilac hues.






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