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You may have noticed that we’ve been a little quiet on the blog front of late. That’s because we’ve been spending time getting lots of lovely products launched on our online store. Although we haven’t got everything ready for you just yet, in time to come you’ll be able to order a whole host of hair and beauty products as well as Magpie Jewellery pieces and vouchers from the comfort of your own home.

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Coloured hair, don’t care, right? Wrong! We know that quality hair colouring isn’t cheap, and that’s why it’s so important to keep up caring for your colour at home, so that you get maximum longevity, vibrancy and condition from your colour. This week we’re going to give you an overview of some of our favourite colour care product ranges.


Paul Mitchell, our top-selling hair care brand, has 3 colour care ranges so you can perfectly tailor your choice to your hair care needs. The entry level protection range is Color Care, recognised by black and white bottles with orange accents. Color Care comprises 4 products – a shampoo, conditioner, treatment and locking spray.

Color Protect Daily Shampoo (£11.25) is a mild cleanser, suited to colour-treated but otherwise generally healthy hair. Sunflower extract provides intense UV protection keeping colour fresh which is ideal for vibrantly coloured hair, or hair that has been dyed darker than it’s natural colour. You may think UV protection is only necessary for sunny holidays, but actually even day-to-day sunlight can cause significant colour fade.

Color Protect Daily Conditioner (£13.95) similarly contains UVA and UVB protection and sunflower extract while smoothing and moisturising leaving your locks feeling soft and hydrated.

Color Protect Reconstructive Treatment (£14.75) does just what it says on the bottle. Preventing damage and split ends, it also delivers an intense dose of UV protection and complements your Color Protect shampoo and conditioning regime perfectly.

Color Protect Locking Spray (£13.95) can be used on top of the rest of the range, sprayed directly onto towel dried hair. This product also works as a good alternative to Color Protect Reconstructive Treatment if your free time is at a premium as, unlike the treatment which needs to sit on your hair for 3 to 5 minutes before being rinsed off, the locking spray can be simply left to dry into the hair after spraying on.


Our next and slightly more premium range designed to care for your colour is Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde, and the name gives you a good idea of who this range is best suited to! As a blonde you’ll be well aware that sometimes in achieving the perfect colour, you’ve had to compromise on condition. This shouldn’t be a necessary trade, so long as you look after your lightened hair with appropriate products and regular trims. You’ll find the Forever Blonde range, a shampoo, conditioner and repair spray, by keeping an eye out for its luxurious silver packaging.

Forever Blonde Shampoo (£16.25) and Conditioner (also £16.25) work together to help keep blondes light, bright and healthy. As well as addressing colour balancing, exclusive KerActive proteins and safflower oleosomes also help smooth, hydrate and repair.

Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair (£16.25) is a super easy way to keep you blondes strong and smooth. Similar to Color Protect Locking Spray, Dramatic Repair can be sprayed onto clean, damp hair, left in and styled as normal making it easy to work into your everyday routine. As well as KerActive proteins and safflower oleosomes it also contains macadamia nut oils to help penetrate, moisturise and repair weakened hair. This multi-tasking products works hard, so you don’t have to, specifically addressing the needs of lightened and highlighted hair and we highly recommend you don’t leave a highlighting appointment without one.

Our top-end line for colour clients is Ultimate Color Repair and is ideal for clients with significantly damaged and coloured hair, and those who wish to extend the length of time their colour stays vibrant. As with Forever Blonde, Ultimate Color Repair offers 3 products – a shampoo, conditioner and spray. The recently launched range uses the high protein content of quinoa to keep colour vibrant for up to 9 weeks (when using the shampoo and conditioner together). What’s more, use the full 3-step system and see benefits of up to 88% less breakage and 59% more shine, as well as preventing thermal damage by 86%.

Ultimate Color Repair Shampoo (£17.50) is a gentle cleanser which uses Quinoa Color Repair complex to harness the high protein content of quinoa to lock in hair color and repair strands from within while sugar cane and lemon peel extracts add glossy shine and manageability and powerful antioxidants help prevent damage.

Ultimate Color Repair Conditioner (£17.95) also uses quinoa, alongside shea butter, jojoba and soybean oil to leave hair soft, shiny and healthy while vitamins nourish and moisturise. Ultimate Color Repair range has the highest content of UV protection of any products across the Paul Mitchell range yet is gentle to use in a daily regime.

Ultimate Color Repair Triple Resuce (£17.95) is a dual phase spray which must be shaken well to activate the two parts before being applied to the hair. Liquid at the top of the bottle protects against excessive heat that can damage colour-treated hair and lead to dull, faded strands and the liquid at the bottom conditions hair with Quinoa Color Repair complex, so hair looks healthy, shiny and vibrant.

We hope this week’s blog gave you a little insight into the right hair aftercare for you and remember to ask reception about your points balance when you next visit. Every £10 you spend in the salon automatically earns you 50p towards product purchases, so why not give a colour care product a try the next time you have your hair dyed and enjoy long lasting, fade-free results.

*please note all product prices were correct at the time of publishing this blog on 17th June 2016

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