How to Reduce Frizzy Hair in the Summer

reduce frizzy hair in summer

If your hair has a natural curl to it, you’ll have realised that the summer sun and heat can really bring the frizz out! Sometimes, you just want the peace of mind of not having to deal with the frizz, which can be tricky to deal with if the humidity is high. Thankfully, there are several things you can try to reduce frizzy hair in the summer, and in this blog, we’ll be looking at some of the best methods of reducing frizz.

Reduce Frizzy Hair in the Summer

Ultra-Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

One of the best ways of reducing frizzy hair in the summer is by ensuring you use ultra-hydrating shampoo and conditioner when you are washing your hair. It’s important to note that washing your hair too often can cause your hair to dry out more quickly, which will result in even more frizz. This is why using ultra-hydrating shampoos and conditioners such as Olaplex No4 Shampoo and No5 Conditioner can help to keep your hair extra moisturised.

Really wet hair rinses out more easily and combining the use of ultra-hydrating products with a cold-water rinse can help to reduce frizz in the summer heat. Rinsing with cold water closes the hair cuticle, which blocks out future humidity and helps reduce the frizz of your hair.

Try Not to Touch Your Hair

We know this can be a challenge, but if you’re able to avoid touching your hair – it helps massively with keeping the frizz to a minimum! The more you touch your hair with your hands, or even worse, brush it, the more frizz will build up. One way of avoiding your hair being affected by touch is to use accessories such as headbands or clips which keep your hair in place and out of your face.

Add Some Leave-in Conditioner

After you have towel dried, adding on some leave-in conditioner before you start combing or brushing your hair can help to fight frizz. Conditioners such as Davines Minu Conditioner can be ideal as they moisturise your hair. More moisture means you’ll need to do less brushing, which in return leads to less frizz.

Use Hair Serum for Extra Moisture

If you need an alternative way of giving your hair some extra moisture, using hair serum can be perfect. Hair serum creates a slip to strands of hair that prevents them from swelling up when they encounter outdoor moisture. Hair serum can be used in conjunction with conditioner, and this is recommended if you have medium / thick hair.

Frequently Visit Your Hair Stylist

Booking yourself in for regular trims will help to get rid of split ends and hair breakage, which can both be major causes of frizz. If you’re noticing any damaged or frayed hair in the build-up to your summer holidays, it’s worth booking a trim in at your local hair salon, so your hair is in the best position to be less prone to summer frizz.

Wear Your Hair Up

It’s almost impossible to completely eliminate frizz if the weather is too hot and humid, so sometimes the best way of keeping your hair under control is to wear it up. There are still plenty of ways to bring out your summer style when wearing your hair up – so don’t be disheartened if your efforts to wear it down are being prevented by humidity!

wearing hair up in summer

Hopefully, some of these methods should help you to keep the frizz away during the summer! It’s worth giving them a shot, trying the straighteners out and seeing how you get on. Frizz can be challenging to combat, so if nothing is working for you, embracing your natural hair isn’t the end of the world!

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