Boilerhouse Ouseburn exterior

Student Guide to Ouseburn

Located just outside of Newcastle, you will find a vibrant hub of activity and culture - bringing together innovative design and experiences with hints of the area's history and prominence in Northern industry. Yes, in this article we are talking about Ouseburn - popular with locals, tourists and university students alike, as a place where live music brings the streets to life all day and…
Hard water hair damage

Understanding Hard Water Hair Damage

Getting your head (and your hair) around the impact that different types of water can have, can be challenging. But with hair washing such a fundamental part of haircare, it’s important to recognise what kind of water your hair regularly comes into contact with, what kind of affect that water can have on your hair, and how best to protect your hair.  In this blog…
Jesmond student guide

Student Guide to Jesmond

For all those students planning to study in or move to Newcastle, you may have heard about Jesmond and its link to the student community. As one of the most popular locations for students to reside in during their time studying in Newcastle, Jesmond not only offers all the amenities and facilities that you may be looking for but does so with price points and…
Straight hair

6 Tips to Get Perfectly Straight Hair at Home

With trends and styles constantly changing, straight hair is one of the few looks which will always be in style - whether you then leave your hair loose around your face or tie it into an on-trend updo. But achieving perfectly straight hair is not always easy, especially for those with naturally curly or frizzy hair. That’s where this blog post comes in. As well…
Sleeping with wet hair

Is It Bad to Sleep With Wet Hair?

If you’re one of those people who showers before bed, whether in anticipation of a big day or simply because it’s a regular part of your routine, you might find that you often climb into bed with wet or at least damp hair. But if you’ve been told by a multitude of people that this is bad practice and can pose potential risks, then you’re…
Ladies night out

What Does a Typical Pre-Night Out Routine Look Like?

What does your night out routine look like? And are there ways that you could make it more time and cost efficient?  Whether you start early with trips to the hair and beauty salon, or leave everything to the last minute, having a routine can help you to achieve long-lasting effects, without any of the stress of rushing around trying to get everything done. Best…
Men's winter hair trends

Men’s Winter Hair Trends

With another few months of cold winds, chilly mornings, and short days ahead, men can’t just rely on a bobble hat or a fleecy hood to keep them looking stylish during the winter months. Believe it or not, the world of men’s hairdressing is rife with changing and seasonal styles - from the shorter cuts of the summer months to the dapper, stylish, and sometimes…
Men's hair myths

10 Men’s Hair Myths and Facts

We’re here to set the record straight for men everywhere - today focussing on 10 myths which are not only entirely incorrect but could in fact be encouraging you to care for your hair in entirely the wrong way.  Check out the 10 following myths - and the truth behind them - and make sure that everyday is a good hair day for you.  Myth…
Sunlight on hair of a woman

Is Sunlight Good for Hair?

We are told from a young age that getting out in the sun is good for us - but equally that we must protect our skin if we want to age gracefully and safely. From the UV rays which can cause carcinogens to develop in the skin, to the long term negative impacts of allowing skin to burn in the sun, protecting the skin is…
Wedding guests

Wedding Season Hair Tips

As a guest at a wedding, your job is to be picture perfect but without upstaging the bride. Easy, right?  With so many online boutiques and social media platforms now offering endless ideas and inspiration look books on everything from outfits to make up and shoes, we thought we’d focus on the one element that can make or break your wedding season look - your…
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