Impact of diet and nutrition on hair health

The Impact of Diet and Nutrition on Hair Health

When you sip on your drink of choice or sit down to enjoy a meal prepared by a loved one, it can be hard to imagine those choices have an impact on your hair. But believe it or not, what you consume has a major impact on not only your overall health and wellbeing but on the strength of your hair - how it looks…
Understanding and treating split ends

Understanding and Treating Split Ends

We are all familiar with the concept of split ends, noticing them when we carefully examine the tips of our hair, and see that the individual strands are split into sections towards the end. But just because we know what split ends look like, and recognise the need to trim them, that doesn’t mean we necessarily understand why they occur and what causes them. Which…
Winter dandruff prevention and treatment

Preventing and Treating Dandruff in the Winter

Dandruff is never pleasant or particularly fun to deal with - but it doesn’t have to ruin your plans this winter. In fact, the winter months can be a great time to reset your approach to haircare and inject some much-needed moisture into your scalp, using the long and dark evenings to indulge in moisture-enriching hair masks and oil treatments. But before we consider the…
ghd IV original straightener

ghd IV Original Straightener Review

First launched back in 2001, the ghd IV Original hair straightener has seen styles and trends come and go and has helped those with previously untameable and unruly hair to achieve a sleek, manicured “do”. Considered the original ghd straightener, a legend in name and in market longevity, the IV Original straightener remains a highly sought after hair styling tool which is suitable for straightening…
Winter Hair Care Tips for Men

Winter Hair Care Tips for Men

We always find it interesting to walk past the haircare products in a store and compare the offering for men vs. what’s available for women. Women’s haircare products seem to span all eventualities when it comes to hair colour, type, length, and style - with individual products for different stages of the wash cycle, all promising different levels of protection and varying outcomes. On the…
ghd Gold Styler review

ghd Gold Styler Review

ghd is, for many people, the go-to brand for hair styling tools - particularly for straighteners. Most ghd products become the latest gold standard in DIY and at-home hair styling as far as we’re concerned, and the ghd Gold is no different. Released back in 2022, the ghd Gold entered the brand’s repertoire of products as somewhat of a middleman - more expensive than the…
Woman having her hair blow dried

How to Maintain Your Hair Colour Between Salon Visits

Nothing beats that salon-fresh shine, and the way that a refreshed and renewed colour catches the light and frames your face to perfection. It doesn’t matter what colour you go for, whether you opt for highlights or lowlights, or whether you decide it’s time to try something new - a trip to the salon will always leave you feeling lighter (and not just because a…
ghd Platinum+ review

ghd Platinum+ Review

Regular customers and clients will know that we go out of our way to test, trial, and review new and innovative products on the haircare and styling market - telling you all you need to know about the product, the user experience, and whether or not we would recommend it. This time, it’s the turn of the ghd Platinum+, a so-called smart straightener which promises…
Hair breakage causes, prevention and treatments

Hair Breakage: Causes, Prevention and Treatments

Hair breakage occurs in a number of different ways, from making hair look frizzy and untamed to making ends look and feel coarse. When you suffer from hair breakage, you will find that small parts of individual hairs will break off - not necessarily something that will have a huge impact from the outset, but something which can lead to more extensive hair loss or…
ghd Unplugged review

ghd Unplugged Review

Whenever we review a new product or hair styling tool, there are a number of features and factors that we consider - from the quality of the end result to the experience, the value for money, and the convenience. ghd is a brand which has long been associated with salon quality styling, from the comfort of your own home. Using leading technology, ghd combines an…
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