Grease free hair

How to Train your Hair Not to be Greasy

It doesn’t matter if your hair is long or short; curly or straight; light or dark - knowing when and how regularly to wash your hair can be a bit of a minefield, especially with so much conflicting information out there about the effects of regular washing vs. sporadic washing.  The simple fact is that you wash your hair to clean and refresh it, and…
Festival hairstyle ideas

Festival Hair Ideas for Summer 2021

When it comes to festival hair, most people will agree that there is a fine balance between fun styles and easy maintenance, with the lack of luxury facilities often making 'updos' and 'dry shampoo' two of the most common Google searches around festival time. But while practical hairstyles are popular, the best thing about festival time is the freedom to be as extra, over the…
reduce frizzy hair in summer

How to Reduce Frizzy Hair in the Summer

If your hair has a natural curl to it, you’ll have realised that the summer sun and heat can really bring the frizz out! Thankfully, there are several things you can try to reduce frizzy hair in the summer, and in this blog, we’ll be looking at some of the best methods of reducing frizz.

11 Reasons You Should Choose Sustainable Hair Products

What is Sustainable Hair Care? In the UK we only recycle about half of our bathroom waste which means a huge amount of packaging such as shampoo bottles and styling products are headed straight to landfill.  The beauty industry has taken the bull by its horns and sustainable hair care brands have tried to combat this by cutting their environmental impact of both product and…

9 (Simple) Ways to Protect Your Hair While Sleeping

Here at Boilerhouse, we are experts on all things hair and one thing we always get asked about is how to protect your hair when sleeping?! We all know there isn’t anything worse than having to lay your head on the pillow after a killer blowdry! Going to the land of sleep and catching some well deserved Z’s is one of life's best activities, however,…

Do DIY hair masks really work?

DIY hair treatments can be hit or miss. You may have heard of ladies covering their hair in mayonnaise, or even eggs and mayonnaise...You’ll be happy to hear that we’re not a fan of either of those DIY hair masks! Do DIY hair masks really work? Yes. Yet, it does depend on your concoction! There are plenty of ingredients you can find at home, or…

Why You Should Start Using Rose Water on Your Hair

Haircare: Benefits of Rose Water Rosewater is said to have a number of different benefits. People use it for their skin, to enhance their mood, soothe sore throats and relieve headaches. But did you know it can also help with your hair care routine?  Did You Know: Rosewater has a similar PH level to that of human hair. Rosewater hasn’t been extensively studied, however, it…

5 Ways To Keep Your Curls Overnight

There is no one way to sleep with curly hair. It’s all about finding what’s best for your hair, so you’re not waking up with frizzy, messy or flat curls. Everyone needs a good night’s sleep, just make sure your hair is ready for bed too! Whether you’re blessed with natural curls, or you owe it all to your magic wand, here are our top…

Boilerhouse Beauty Services: Ouseburn’s Newcomers

A New Year is often the perfect time to kick-start a goal for the year ahead. Whether that be fitness, work-related or purely to take better care of yourself in 2020.  So we want to know how are you finding your New Year resolutions? Are you still going strong or did you fall at the first hurdle? Well, don't worry because Boilerhouse are here to…

Three Mistakes You Could Be Making While Drying Your Hair

Washing and drying our hair is something that just becomes a part of our daily or weekly routine. Without thinking too much into it, once we’ve shampooed and conditioned, we tend to jump out of the shower reaching for the nearest towel to tie our hair back.    But what would you say if we were to tell you there are three common mistakes that…
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